Brand research platform
Make your brand perform better with data driven decisions and smart competitive intelligence

Brand analysis to help your brand succeed

Know from scratch - is your brand strong enough at the moment? Does it generate effective and consistent market voice? Is it credible and does it have a good reputation?

  • Get precise information on how your brand is searched by the target audience..
  • Calculate brand market impact, brand strength and health factor.
  • Be aware of reputational issues, know your brand and product weak points.

Mass-media / pr research

Make your brand perform better with up-to-date information related to your brand and competitors mass media actions and image.

  • Get information on all preferable PR sources of your competitors. As well as calculated impact of each source on marketing result.
  • Brand and competitors visual calendar of all PR activities.
  • Comprehensive PR analysis and metrics - prominent publications, interviews, content statistics, negative issues, top sources lists, etc.

More than 120 metrics to deeply understand
the brand and key competitors

Estimated reach, PR quality, SOV, Awareness, Cognitive Attitude, Conversation Index, Engagement, Reputation, Branded/unbranded search, Brand impact, NPS, Brand relevance, Interest graph, Customer satisfaction data and more...

Investigate the real brand image

Analyse - how your brand is really perceived by the customers and mass-media. Compare this insight with other players to know your real market positioning.

  • What other market players your brand is usually mentioned with?
  • Find semantic concepts (emotional, rational) that characterize your real brand perception.
  • Generate brand positioning map.

Optimize your brand

We're moving far beyond the simple metrics... Yes, we provide a bunch of them (if you like beautiful reports and diagrams), but we offer much more - data-driven decisions to help your brand perform on its best.

Pr/content insights

- What content themes / trends engage more with the potential audience.

- What is the best time to launch new pr/marketing campaign?

- What is the more efficient period to publish social media posts or site content?

- Generate the list of preferred mass-media sources with greater impact to amplify your brand communication.

Market-related insights

- Identify strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors, to build more productive brand-marketing strategy and create real brand differentiation.

- Real-time market activity timeline - new posts, content, publications, ads on display.

- Get signals on serious communications issues related to your brand.

Executive Report

- Clear executive report with comprehensive diagrams and data for CEO.

- Comprehensive report with expert metrics for marketing/brand-strategy specialist.


Our analytical pipeline

The platform is built on the graph database and use complex correlation matrix that helps extract up-to-date market knowledge and insights.
1. Data-mining
2. Analytical core
3. Insights

Price Plans

Choose an appropriate plan for your business and start reinforcing your brand.


$0 / week
$0 / yearly
  • 1 week test
  • 1 brand search
  • 1 competitor search
  • 1 export results
  • All features
  • Historical data
  • API & extension support


$350 / month
$3900 / yearly
  • 1 brand search
  • 5 competitors search
  • All features (reports, diagrams)
  • Historical data
  • Real-time insights
  • Semantic analysis
  • API support


$2500 / month
$27000 / yearly
  • 5+ brand search
  • 25+ competitors search
  • All features (reports, diagrams)
  • Historical data
  • Real-time insights
  • Semantic analysis
  • API support

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